~About the artist~

Alias: WindRider01
Nicknames: Kit
Location: Canada
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Photoshop CS3

Other locations you can find me at:
Innocent Dreamer.. - Personal Blog
deviantART - Updated quite frequently
<a href="http://www.redbubble.com/people/barbarajharris/portfolio" target="new">Redbubble</a> can buy items with my art on it =D


V^_^W <--My personal smiley--> V^-^W
~ My ramblings ~

Hello everyone!
My name is  Kit V^_^W.

As you can probably tell I love to draw, it is my life. I’ve probably been drawing since I could hold a crayon to be honest. Doesn’t mean it was the best picture in the world XD, but you got to start somewhere.

I tend to draw how I am feeling since I can never seem to get my feelings out with words. I don’t usually draw sad pictures even if I am feeling down, I usually end up turning it around making something happy to make myself feel better. But occasionally a depressing/sad picture makes its way through, which I then draw a million cute/happy things to make up for it hehe~

When I do anything, I do it with all my heart no matter what it is. Could say I put my heart and soul into my works, which I’m sure a lot of artists do. Be it from actual art to a written story.

I love to play video games, either it be on a console or PC. I tend to mostly play RPG’s. They keep me sane and also a wonderful stress relief to kill some evil monsters *loves my few hack and slack games* <3.

I’m unfortunately a bit naïve at times, and very over cautious and paranoid. I’m too nice for my own good I’m afraid, I give too many people second and third chances when I shouldn’t be giving them any. I know this from experience believe me. But in a strange small way I’m glad it happened. It makes me a stronger person for it.

My friends always come first over my own well being. The same goes for my Cat Wolfy. I know for a fact if I was given one wish for anything, I’d end up giving my wish away to someone else. Even if I had no money for rent and food.

Think I should stop rambling now it’s gotten a tad long XD.
Any who! Please check out the rest of my site~