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Name: Barbara
Online: WindRider01
B-Day: 09-11-1985
Loc: NS,Canada
Eyes: Grey Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Gender: Female

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I’m an Auntie!!!!


I just found out a few minutes ago, that my sister had the baby!! . Poor thing had to get a c-section by the end *hugs her*

My oldest sister e-mailed me *sad I didn't get a call* I may work nights but I get up by 2 *pouts* I'm lucky my oldest sister told me... but anyway...! That’s a WHOLE other journal lol. And sure everyone is like eeee baby! No time to call peoples XD.

He missed being a fool by a Day *snicker*

Lil Blake~ He has TWO middle names Wut?! I won't tell though >3. But you can know his first name!! eeee Blake!

I'm an Auntie!!!

Won't get to see him for awhile though... it sucks but, I don't drive/or have a car. And she lives 3 hours away.

My oldest sister is doing down sometime this weekend, but she is staying the week... soooo no way for me to get back. So crud...!

But... but.... baby!

She said he was born with a full head of hair X3 I figured he would, because we all did. Not sure if that really mattered lol.

They better take pictures for me!!

Welcome to the world lil Monkey~ (yes I have a nickname for him... since a week ago BEFORE he was born XD)

Happy Birthday Blake~

Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Tv? too busy going ZOMG BABY XD]

Tabby don’t scare me like that AGAIN


IT LIVES, IT LIIIIIIIVES!!! *laughs maniacally*

Thank goodness! I was so worried my tablet had died yesterday! *hugs it* The guy at the store, when I asked him if they had any AAAA batteries (A lot of A's I know XD)

Guy: Uh... no

Kit: Well crud... *keeps looking where the batteries are anyway and sees some* Oh you do!! *Yoinks, almost squeeing and doing a happy dance*

When I got home I tried the battery still in my pen anyway. Still no go, so I put in a new one. For a brief moment it didn't work! D: I was like Nonononononoono! then I fussed with the battery a bit and it worked!!!

I almost kissed my tabby XD

But yes! my tablet works again YAY!

Here he is! Yes, for some reason my tabby is a male XD


Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Yoav - Where Is My Mind?(feat. Emily Browning)]

I’m a Ninja…!


.... Is what I said at work last night.

I can't make this stuff up XD

I was just coming back from break and one of my supervisors saw me and said hi and asked how I was doing. I told her I was doing good and asked how she was. All that normal small talk

Then she mentioned that she doesn't see me that often, since she comes in later then me and I leave earlier then her and I said.

"Cuz I'm a Ninja" I said it so casually and without thinking.

She laughed and said "That explains why you always seem to just disappear so quickly when it's time for you to go home"

Then my other supervisor was like "did you just say you’re a ninja...?"

And I grinned at him going "Yup" and went back to my desk to get back to work.

I am SUCH a dork... Lord... If they don't think I'm already crazy this tops it off lol.
Even if I am usually quiet and sit at my computer and do my work while listening to my MP3 player. But when I say something.... it tends to be random XD

I usually say "I'm runnin away~" if I get to leave say a hour or half-hour early. And my supervisor who asked if I said I was a ninja, he usually laughs and thinks its funny.

But I dunno about this new "Cuz I'm a Ninja" thing though...

Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Seether - Country Song ]

My cat is a brat…


...but I still love her <3
Even if she does Rape bite me... my friend says that I must 'taste good' XD

But that isn't the reason why she is a brat... well, today anyway lol.

I had woken up and went to glance at my clock to see the time and my cat was sitting in front it.

So I moved slightly to see the time, I 'think' it said 12:38pm? but I was half asleep and the cat was making sure I couldn't see it.

So I gotten comfy again and I'm pretty sure my Cat was half glaring at me like 'go back to sleep Mommy'

I figured I'd sleep for another half-hour or so. I was wrong! 3pm rolls around and my cat was all nice and cozy sleeping on me and I was like, Well crud... I wanted to get up earlier, should have set my alarm.

Btw I have a evening/night shift so I don't get home till 3:30am and I go to bed no later then 4:30-5am. and I 'usually' get up by at least 1:30-2pm

Apparently not today rofl, my cat made sure of that! She wanted more 'secret' snuggles as Zash calls them. My cat doesn't snuggle me when I'm awake... she waits till I'm fast asleep to cuddle.

The little brat...

Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Buono! -Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! ]

Weather you suck


Well, thanks to the WEATHER *glares at it from inside my apartment* on it being mean and snowing and making the roads crap.

On my way home from work last night... holy it looked like a blizzard! VO_OW it was nuts! I was thinking, Good thing I'm only outside for two or three minutes cuz HOLY BRR. Very windy too.

Sucks that my oldest sister and I couldn't take the 3hour drive down home, home (this is what I know call my parents house/where I grew up XD)

So it would have been a lot of highway driving and we didn't want to chance it... again sucks we couldn't go =/ but we had full intention too! *keeps glaring outside*

I said last night when I got home:

Dear Weather,
What the flipping monkey pants Batman is THIS?!! *points outside to the wind and snow*
P.S. I hate you weather >(

And my cat accidentally scratched the palm of my right hand (the one I draw with) so it semi stings... but I got these cute lil round band-aids! I was like those are COOL! and it covered the little scratch perfectly so woo!

And Why is Britney spears new song so catchy?! V-_-W;



Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me ]

Happy Valentine’s Day~


I can still wish everyone a Happy Valentines even if I don’t have someone =3
I finished my Fullmetal Alchemist Valentines too~

FMA - Valentines by *windrider01 on deviantART

And I need to update my site sometime this week, been meaning too. But I wanted to get my Valentines done for Valentine’s day =D

Umm… nothing really new. Still cold and snow everywhere :P I need more music for my MP3 player… I wish my shuffle worked. Well it does, but it starts repeating songs after an hour. And I have 140 songs on it V-_-W; stupid thing. Maybe I’ll get a new MP3 player one day, but don’t need too as mine works =D just the shuffle sucks arse XD.

Oh! My sisters baby shower is in two weeks =D excited over that. My Oldest sister and I will prolly go shopping this weekend? We didn’t this past weekend and she said if we didn’t it would be this weekend. Speaking of which! I went shopping with my cousins Saturday =D I got new Jeans! YAY! Been needing some forever.

Still loving my crack dreams~ one of which I will be doodling, well I HAVE been doodling her but something nicer anyway =D.


Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World)]

Have I mentioned I LOVE my dreams? =D


Pirates this time!! With Ed, Al, Me, and Ling!! And some random General dude XD. My friend Zash said it sounded more like a Movie! I said I know right?? I felt like a ninja! Cuz I was hiding in secret passageway thingies on the ship. It was just awesome!

Well I’m not OVERLY excited over Valentines this year, but… meh *shrugs* still doesn’t mean I can’t draw something for it. I got a cute idea for something, we’ll see how that goes =D

Umm, what else.. It was -29 (least felt like -26 to -29) at the beginning of the week. Holy flippin monkey pants Batman! It was SOO cold I swear the snot froze in my nose on my way home from work! I even had my scarf D: And at work they had the heat up SO high. By the end of my shift I had a heat headache? If that makes sense XD Also wasn’t feeling great that day anyway but, any who XD

*blinks* Not sure what else to ramble on about… coming up with a blank lol.

OH! my Fic!! =D I am soooooooooo happy/glad people love it so much! (Least I think they are?) I have four reviews two from the same person who is trying SO hard to figure out the plot! It’s so cute! But I’ll never tell MWAHAHA! *grins* and a lot of people have viewed it so says the traffic thingy on fanfiction.net *Shameless Plug Here* Second Chances Btw it’s a FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic)

I’ll be doing art for it soon, I just want to draw pictures for certain things V~_^W


Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Perfume - Butterfly ]



Like anyone reads my blog XD.
I got out of work a half hour early last night =D. I literally ran home XD rofl my cat was all confused cuz I came rushing in and I was like, hi baby! And I patted her before dashing to change into my pj’s and make some oatmeal I was hungry!

And OMG! I heard about FFXIII-2!! I am SOOO stoked!! I loved FFXIII! (Still need to farm gil like no one’s business to get the last trophies) got two left! Well one doesn’t totally count? Cuz it automatically unlocks after I get the one I’m trying to get. Of COURSE it unlocks Fang’s theme D: I have Lightning right now on my PS3~

It snowed again, so the snow that did get melted/washed away from the rain the other day. Well the snow is back like, BWAHAHA it’s still winter bisnatches!!! XD

Uh… not sure what else to talk about, nothing interesting going on. Besides it was -12 last week? Or the beginning of the week I forget lol. All I know is it was freezing when coming home from work one night. OH! rofl and the sign across from my apartment building (which is connected to the hotel next door) it said it was -0, how can 0 be minus? Let alone plus? I laughed so hard seeing it. Silly people.


Well Ja! *waves*


[ Music - Makino Yui - synchronicity ]

Oh hey All ones! sorta... XD


Thought I'd post something for the near year yay! =D.
And clean up my blog a biy, so all the 2010 are on the previous link. Might change it to an actual button but for now it's just a text link V^_^W.

Hope everyones new year is going well! mine isn't going too bad. Except last night at work I couldn't remember my passward to log into the application I key in Vx.xW; So I got locked out and had to ask to get it unlocked so they reset the password and I made a new one and made SURE to write down in my notepad I changed the stupid thing.
Then...! I locked myself OUT of the computer cuz my brain failed to remember that passward V-_-W; I wanted to crawl and hide D: I was so embarassed and I felt stupid, I blame Monday and my brain apparently having a stupid day XD.

*sigh* Asshats are still being asshats upstairs, honestly do they not know how to be quiet?! All I hear is that stupid, Which I'm assuming is Rock retarded band tapping. Which at times sounds like a bowling ball being dropped on the floor.
And Holy they are a stompy bunch, didn't they learn NOT to stomp?? geez guys.

Also weird dream last night/this morning... might doodle some of it. Had a interesting Griffin in it =D


Well Ja! *waves*


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