Finished: May.3rd/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet

This was BOUND to happen rofl.

Can only guess who these two's Daddies are >D

Me and my friend *AngelZash rp craziness! But it's OH So much fun! Sooo they belong to us!

This idea popped into my head after our randomness the night before hehe~ Beware of scribbles!

Haru and Ryan were/are paired together on missions they say Ryan has a calming influence on her XD.
Also Roy wanted to make sure his baby girl is protected! though she can take care of herself.
So i pictured this little scenario happening and at the end it is Roy yelling at Ryan over the phone *snicker*

Also Ryan has a HUGE crush on Haru eheh~

Note: Haruko is the Eldest of three she has two little twin brothers.
Ed and Roy are her parents (if you don't like Mpreg just pretend Ed was changed into a girl?)
Ryan is Alexander's son Um... the mother dunno LOL


Haruko Elric-Mustang and Ryan Armstrong *windrider01 & *AngelZash
Art is windrider01
Do not use or distribute without my permission. Thank you~