-+A Webmaster's Day+-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet

Well! this is based on a true story! well except a pulling a Ed part from FMA X3. lol
See my oldest sister is a Webmaster for NSCC and the students ALWAYS come in saying they can't remember their passwords to login VO.oW.
SO I did this for her! V^_^W. and I know one of the guys is there again because some people do forget in a hour VO.OW!!!!

My Oldest sisters comments on this X3

"LMFAO that’s awesome"

"LOL I’m gonna print it and put it on my wall "

"I’ll put it where not everyone can see LOL we get people like that too…the forgot in like an hour…"

Done with my Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS

Time... um.... 1hr 1/2 ....? maybe more maybe less forget VO.oW

My sister belongs to herself I just drew it X3

Edit: I just send it to her at work this morning X3 and she already got someone saying "I forgot my Password" Vx.xW