Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop
Well this is from the coolest Dream one night!! or more in the morning. For some reason I was a little
5 or 6 year old hugging onto my Pikachu Plushie little school bag Yes I like Pikachu! *is Proud of it* V~_^W.

There was a BIG Chinese dragon in it he was so cute! huge few! he was in this big... er.... tank?? VO.oW
*not sure* and I was in a glass box that was in the water and here is the Big Dragon outside the little glass box
I'm in sleeping. Though he did wake up and talked to me forget what he said... and I think we were prisoners or
something come on a big tank full of water! few...! they better not have been experimenting on him!! *shakes fist*
no one hurts draggy's and not feel my Wrath! *GRINS* um yes V^-^W;;

Anyway! =P then I was taken away I remember being in a car and hugging onto my Pikachu Plushie little school bag
scared and I think there either was 3 of the dude like Triplets or he could be in more then one place No freakin clue!
I'm not sure if the Draggy got out cuz not long after I woke up. But not long after I woke up I drew him! it's
not Exactly the same but it's best I could remember V^_^W;