-Feathered Dragon-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop
I really extremly hated this picture at first I thought that it looked... alright you don't want to know what names I named it V^-^W;;;

Someone on DA asked me... lol well we were kind of having a convo on my main page ehe that was fun X3 and she said I should draw more Dragons which I have
been neglecting poor things V;_;W and then she mentioned I should make a all feathed Dragon I said "Hmmmmmmmmm sounds like a challenge Bwahaa X3
I shall try! and since you suggested it I shall make it for you X3. V~_^W" and so I did X3.

Though the feathered don't look like feathers to me... V>->W;;

Umm time... time VO.oW a night to draw the body then the coloring oi.... well all together I guess 2 or 3 nights?