-Gonna Eat you-

-Print Available-

Finished: August 24, 2007
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
LOL odd title as per usual

Few this bad boy took me forever to finish! Though I was working on this off and on... but still wow *flops*

I don't usually draw a picture with rain in it but it seemed to work V^_^W the rain running down his body was soooooo long Vx.xW;;
but I did it! I adore his wings personally Also his face I drew it first I think he's adorable!! X3; so many teethies!

I think someone stumbled upon his domain Vo.oW;;; dun duuun DUUUUN!

Closer shot of his head here [link]

Any who hope you like!

Drawn on paper then scanned and then outlined and colored with my tablet on adobe Photoshop CS.