Bebedora - Arc the Lad

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop
Itís Bebedora!! From Arc the Lad Ė Twilight of the spirits. I do believe that is how it is spelled
I got a screen shot of the game and I have the game so I guess itís right just look wrong lol XD.

I actually had this idea of Bebedora and her rabbit which she uses to attack the enemies no joke she
really does V~_^W. I just love her character I donít know why! I just think sheís so cute and evil
at the same time? lol. and As I drew this I thought and said "Dance Bunny Dance!"

Not sure what else to say but hope you like!

Bebedora belongs to the game Arc the Lad Ė Twilight of the spirits and there respected owners
blah blah XD I donít own her.