Emma Mustang - FMA OC

Finished: Jan.2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
This is my FMA OC Emma Mustang! She is Roys Little sister =D.

I'll add up some stats and whatnot later *nod nod* I just reeeeally wanted a new desktop
and so I made my own *laughs* the Background I yoinked from another fma picture *grins*

I actually came across some papers I did back in 2003? or 2005? when I first gotten into FMA I was
looking for something a few days ago and stumbled upon a few ideas for a fma OC of Roy having a little sister.
I had completely forgotten about it as it was shoved with a bunch of other papers XD.

I'm planning on making a fan comic with her my friend Zash is going to help me *is all excited*
And she helped me pick her name *dances*. So technically this picture is a little ahead as she isn't
in the military yet V^__^W Just wanted an excuse to draw her using her water alchemy and in
the military uniform! And yes I made I a dragon cuz I love dragons and... Cuz I can? *Giggles*
So! Hope you love it as much as I do!

Will eventually see more of her in my gallery with some stats just too lazy right now and over
excited over my picture! Hope you like!!

All drawn and colored with my tablet on Photoshop CS.

Fullemetal Alchemist belongs to its respected owners etc. Emma Mustang & art is copyrighted to me ~