Fullmetal Alchemist - RoyxEd

Finished: Jan.2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
This was a picture done for my friend ~AngelZash !! She wanted Roy and Ed! =D.
I need practice on drawing Roy! this is the first time I drew him VO.oW

She got me on a FMA kick! well I used to be but it got... rekindled? *tilts head* Don't think I've
Ever really stopped loving FMA =D.

But anywho! Roy n Ed! May find more in my gallery *grins* She is writing this awesome fic!
and and yeah! the cuteness *doesn't wanna ruin it* But lets just say Roy n Ed.... and other things

to follow mwahaha~!

All done with my tablet on Adobe Photoshop Yes I hate backgrounds XD. FMA belongs to there respected owners n stuffs.
Drawn by me~