FMA - Happy Valentines Day

Finished: Feb.2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Hurray for Fullmetal Alchemist Semi Chibi Valentines Cards!!! *dances about*

I only say Semi Chibi cuz they're not completely Chibi hehe~

I was/am in a Valentines mood so these chibis came to mind! Drew Al human because I can! and
never drew him human yet. Also snuck in my oc Emma *grins* she is Roy's Little sister.
(btw she's kneeling if you can't tell XD)

Hmmm noticed I put them Older sibling first then the younger ones after them lol

*rambles and hopes my sig isn't too large on them*

Hope you enjoy the cute!!

Fullemetal Alchemist belongs to its respected owners etc.
Emma Mustang on the other hand does >D.
Emma Mustang & art is copyrighted to me ~windrider01