Following big Brother....

Finished: March.31st/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet

The title wouldn't fit D:

I needed to draw something cute to get my mind off some stuff.

This was also an excuse to draw a younger Roy and his Little sister Emma my FMA OC

This is Teenager Roy Mustang with his little sister Emma following him like a little puppy.

She was a surprise baby so to speak rofl. Roy wasn't quite sure what to make of it all since
he was a teenager but she started to grow on him. Plus Em is a small child so Roy has always been so over protective of her.
She said her first word... which was 'Roy' but it came out more "Woy" since she can't say her R's quite yet XD.
Which just cemented her in his teenaged heart forever~

*Ramble, ramble*

Roy's outfit is just very random I had no idea what to draw him in. Em... well she's little
and cute and pigtails and the small Lion stuffed animal is from Roy so of course she carried
it around everywhere It's from her big brother! .

ROFL in a way Em is like Roy's first girl to have him follow him around everywhere!

Roy Mustang belongs to Fullmetal Alchemist
Emma Mustang & the Art belongs to me ~windrider01