FMA - Beach Day

Finished: May.15th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Holy.... *flops* This took forever!

Beware large/long file V^_^W.

Of course a small story to go along with the pic just cuz I can!

Al, Havoc, Breda, Fuery, and Halman are working on a sand castle! Just because sand castles
are fun = D. And I dunno why the crab is mad XD.

Roy chased after Em and caught her after she dumped a bucket of water on him. Em is giggling
away as she was caught. Ed is going to throw water on the two Mustangs >D.

Hawkeye is just smirking to the side after Roy was soaked and now Ed going to get the pair
with water. Also couldn’t forget black hayate .

*ramble ramble*

Btw Em is my FMA OC =3 she is Roy's little sister.

Hope you like!! and Yay summer! *runs around crazily*

Doodled on paper then scanned. Outlined and colored with my tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS

Fullmetal Alchemist © Arakawa Hiromu
Emma Mustang & the Art © *windrider01