Dog Pile

Finished: July.31st/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Description: All I could think of XD.

Younger teen Roy with his little sister Emma and their dog Max! Isn’t he cute? Also wanted to have them wearing red for fun X3.

Em wondered over and saw Roy reading/studying and so decided to plop down onto him. Course Roy laughed asking her what she was doing.
Only response he got was giggles soon followed by her asking, ‘what’s that?’ for what he was reading. Max is just hanging out for cuteness

Will be drawing more pictures with these two younger to add more cuteness/fluff in my gallery V^_^W

Btw Emma is my FMA OC she is Roy’s little sister
Roy Mustang © Arakawa Hiromu
Emma Mustang & the Art © *windrider01