FMA - WOOF - Pinup

Finished: Aug.8th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Description: WAAH! my brain why did you do this...?! Darn it Roy I blame YOU! *blush*

Roy: *smirk* you know you love it.

Me: S-shut up...! curse your smexyness! (actually no don't curse it! *swoons* )

I got this sudden idea when talking to =AngelZash where most my picture idea's come from XD.

This came to mind when I said I wanted a dog... and I said "Oh Roy could be my dog he's a dog of the military.....
*insert my brain coming up with the pic idea here*"


Anywho! hope you like!

Doodled on Msn first, then drawn and colored with my tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS

Roy Mustang Arakawa Hiromu
Art *windrider01