FMA - Meow - Pinup

Finished: Aug.18th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Huh this took me less time than I thought! Not complaining hehe~

They all have a theme Roy was dog, Ed is paper, and Al is of course Kitties.
Think I went a little crazy with paw prints this time XD. And I like Al with long hair~

Btw that's a toy mouse he has in his hand =3

One more to go! Itís a surprise! Okay not really XD if you look at the rest of my gallery
youíll see the main four I tend to draw from FMA. *gasps as I gave a big hint* rofl sorry being a dork XD.

Doodled on Msn first, then drawn and colored with my tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS

Alphonse Elric © Arakawa Hiromu
Art © *windrider01