FMA - Flower - Pinup

Finished: Aug.18th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Ta-da! Finished the four (semi) pinups!

Iím quite proud of myself for getting the last three done so quick!

They all have a theme Roy was dog, Ed is paper, Al is of course Kitties, and Em just has Giant paw prints >=3.
Again went crazy with the paw printsÖ b-but they are so much fun!.

I know that Em isnít quite a pinup like the boys *is lucky I got away with this with Roy threatening to roast me* Vx.oW;
So I just drew her in a cute dress! Again Roy would/is saying itís too short XD silly big overprotective brother.

Notice how I have them in age order?

Doodled on Msn first, then drawn and colored with my tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS

Btw Emma is my FMA OC she is Royís little sister
Emma Mustang & Art © *windrider01