Burn Baby

Finished: Sept.5th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Randomish title but it works? XD.
Btw it is a large picture

This is a stress relief picture.

I know burning… and um blowing up stuff? XD won’t help… but it feels SO damn good! >=3.

Who better then Roy Mustang

He’s burning someone…! Who I’ll never tell! lol jk! It’s just a random person who Roy deemed needed to be punished!! My Hero~

I love love LOOOVE how the spark came out! I was in awe after. Stared at it for a good minute *is a dork*

Anywhos~ Enjoy the stress relief pic of Roy and his smexiness~

Doodled on msn (yes this is where most my picture idea’s come from >3)
Then overhauled in Adobe Photoshop CS with my Tabby~

Roy Mustang © Arakawa Hiromu
Art © *windrider01