Night on the Town

Finished: Sept.11th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Happy B-day to me which is today Sept.11th

So I drew myself a picture to celebrate! Cuz I’m a dork that way rofl.

So I drew me with my Boys

I see Ed and Al more like younger brothers (I didn’t use the word little I know better XD)
which is weird for me to think considering I’m the youngest out of three. Btw Al and I are holding hands but can't see >3 also love drawing him with long hair~

Now Roy on the other hand

Anywho!! Long story short they are taking me out for a ‘night on the town’ hence the title V^_^W.

Also wanted an excuse to have Ed and Al in suits... and why yes Ed is in a pin striped suit >D cuz...!

And also happy birthday to anyone else who also shares the same b-day as me!

Al, Ed, and Roy © Arakawa Hiromu
Art & myself XD belongs to me © *windrider01