FMA - Fall Fun

Finished: Sept.27th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Okay so Iím a tad late on the actual first day off fall. But only a few days still good!

Em got a surprise attack on Roy and Ed! Of course Al also wants in!
Maybe Roy and Ed got into an argument? So Em decided to surprise attack them by throwing leaves at them!
Actually I donít really know ROFL. The idea just came to me so I doodled and then Ta-da! V^_^W

I LOVE drawing Em in such cute outfits! Itís so much fun . Got Ed in a Hoodie and Roy in something sort of random? lol

*ramble ramble*

Hope you like!

Btw Emma is my FMA OC she is Royís little sister
FMA © Arakawa Hiromu
Emma Mustang & the Art © *windrider01