Richard and Kit

Finished: Oct.21st/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Long comments cuz I added in Bios as well cuz I can!
Thought I’d post up some FMA OC’s I have kicking around for a fic . (Also have WAY too much time on my hands at work
ROFL. I do data entry so my mind wonders V~_^W) Btw the fic is mostly centered around Kit I just got on a roll so to speak
and kept getting more ideas!

I drew the tattoos that they each have / will have. Kit doesn’t have hers quite yet but I wanted to draw it anyway. And my
array is random as usual rofl.

Also lazy and decided to put them both together since they are Father and Daughter. Btw kinda long decided to throw in
which I’m sure is rambled/jumbled up history n stuffos for them XD.

Name: Richard Harris
Race/Species: Human
Alchemist Name: (if applicable) None
Nicknames: None
Age: 47
Birthday: June 26th
Gender: Male
Love interest: None

Eyes: brown
Skin: light tan more noticeable tan on his face, chest, and arms he is a fisherman.
Height: 5,8
Accessories/Items: None
Other: Has a Cobra snake tattoo on his right arm. It curls around his arm and the mouth over an Earth array.

Personality: Quite a lad back easy going man and can be quite mischievous. But if you mess with his family
(especially his daughter) you’re in for a world of hurt.

History: When he was in his early teens he became a jewel thief. At first he did it to just survive, but he started to really
enjoy the thrill of the heist and the shiny jewels. At the same time he was studying Earth Alchemy and started to use it during
his heists. It was mostly used as a distraction. He became wildly known in a few years as “The Serpent”.

He gained this name by making the earth move and heave up just like a snake would in the water or sand. The humps never
appeared in the same place twice and any sign the ground moved was nonexistent. Then without warning a snake/serpents
head would appear from any direction and engulf you in its mouth. It could appear from right below you to it being ground
level coming from any side swallowing you up, and or pop up high above you. By the time you escaped from the ‘mouth’
he was long gone with the loot.

He was “The Serpent” for a good ten or so years and only really got caught a handful of times. Only really did when he first
started being a thief as he had no idea really what he was doing. He was learning from trial and error mostly, he was lucky to
escape to steal another day. He also learned gloves were not the way to go as they are easily taken away, so he got a tattoo
of the array on his arm.

He only really quit once he met the love of his life Samantha. He couldn’t chance her finding out he was a jewel thief and for
his little baby girl. He quit when his daughter was only a toddler and he became a full time fisherman. Everyone by then
thought ‘The Serpent slithered back under the rock he slithered out of’ so to speak.

He kept a low profile in the small fishing town to try and put his past behind him and make an honest living. He did however
keep a few ‘prize’ pieces hidden away and the few he couldn’t sell without being caught.

He had a wonderful few years with his little family, until his Wife died when his daughter was only eight. He was devastated
feeling as if he failed her somehow and disappeared into the woods a few days after her funeral. He used his earth alchemy
to destroy rocks, trees and anything in his path, out of frustration and anger yelling up at the sky. He only stopped
his rampage when he heard his daughter’s voice from behind. She didn’t look afraid or scared but more surprised and in wonder
at what he was doing. All he remembered was hearing her say ‘teach me Daddy!’

He taught his daughter everything he knew and raised her like a son, he had no idea how to raise a girl. They trained every
day together deep in the forest where no one could see them. He was lucky however she didn’t turn into a complete tomboy.
She does dress up and wear nice dresses and skirts, but she still has her tomboy tendencies which he wouldn’t change for the world.

He now lives alone since his daughter moved out to Central but they still call each other at least once a week. She usually
goes to visit him once and awhile on a weekend.

~ ~ Name: Kit Harris
Race/Species: Human
Alchemist Name: (if applicable) None
Nicknames: Little Kit, Kiddo
Age: 24
Birthday: April.11th
Gender: Female
Love interest: N/A

Eyes: sky blue
Skin : fair
Height: 5,4
Accessories/Items: None
Notable Features: Has a snake bracelet tattoo on her right wrist with a earth array between the heads.
(Note: she gets the tattoo later on but I figured I’d put it anyway )

Personality: usually seen with a smile and tries to make everything fun. Can be very sarcastic.

History: After her mother died she caught her Father using some earth alchemy in the woods. She then decided she wanted
to learn forever after and they became very close from it.

He told her many stories of his younger days of being a jewel thief and told her very firmly to never steal. Also to never tell
anyone that he was one ‘The Serpent’ he was a wanted man after all, and to be careful when using his technique he didn’t
want her to get into trouble.

Growing up she saw herself as one of the boys and did whatever the boys in the town did. From climbing trees, daring one
another to do crazy stunts and whatever else boys did. She does however have quite the dirty mouth and cusses a lot… that
is partly from her Father and the local boys. She had her hair cut short till she was thirteen and decided to grow her hair out.
Her hair was only really short for her Dad to manage but she was old enough to manage it herself.

They trained almost every day deep in the woods if he wasn’t out fishing. Once she was a teenager they started to duel one
another once he saw she was ready. Her father was full of so many surprises! Every time he had something new up his sleeve
to counter her with and then show her. She went to school but helped her father with his fishing supplies, most of the boys
teased her but she would always get them back. She may be a girl but she can still kick any boys butt!

She loves her Father with all her heart but she wanted to get out of that small town so bad. Finally an opportunity arrived to
move away with her best friend Lucy to Central.

Kit recently got a job in the military Building from 1pm-6pm in an office helping with the heaps of paper work. Helping sort them
out and bring them to the Colonel to sign. Everyone in the office is really nice to her and she has learned quickly not to piss
Hawkeye off… her gun is scary. Even if the shots are never directed at her!

She has seen the one they call ‘fullmetal’ and his brother a handful of times coming in and out. But never really officially met or
talked to them, they always seem to be in a rush. Just like Colonel Mustang… which she’s never officially met either, he is
‘locked up’ so to speak in his office to sign said papers.

(Can’t tell you anymore! It will be spoilers for my fic once I start it >D)

FMA © Arakawa Hiromu
Richard, Kit & Art belongs to me © *windrider01