Strike a Pose

Finished: Nov.14th/2010
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I have no idea for a title actually so I just threw this together like I normally do XD

I saw the pose somewhere online and I HAD to draw it for Em and added pigtails for added cuteness.
No she doesnít normally wear a school girl looking uniform I just did it for fun .
I added the chibiís in after so they may not exactly match but *shrugs* oh well.
Also the pic I really did for a new layout for my website =3

Got some familiar and some sneak peek little ones V~_^W
From left to right:

Al with a Kitty! *points*

Roy glaring at someone not looking pleased! *gasp*

His name is canít tell! surprise~

Then Ed just leaning against her finger.

Now what is under Ed?? Hmmmm! It looks like a chimera! canít say spoiler ohohoho~ *grins evilly*

Anywho! enjoy~

I will be putting a comic up with them eventually! Promise! I'm so excited about it~

Btw Emma is my FMA OC she is Royís little sister
FMA © Arakawa Hiromu
Emma Mustang, the secret spoiler ones & the Art © *windrider01