-+Cutie Ryuichi+-

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I drew this for the "Cutie Ryuichi" Contest on ryuichi-fangirls Club! X3 Notice the name also matches lol.
Well Itís cute little Ryuichi from Gravitation! X3 *huggles him* Heís so adorable!
He seemed to turn Semi-Chibi on me VO.oW. I can never draw Kumagoro right lol oh well
he still looks adorable right? V~_^W. And I didn't feel like drawing Ryuichi with his headband!
XD and the background is random and... yeah V^-^W;

Umm nothing else to say but Hope you like Ryuichi hugging his precious Kumagoro!

Ryuichi and Kumagoro Belong to Gravitation X3