-+Ryuichi and Neko+- Request

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Few....! I finished this Request! asked me if I'd draw her Character Neko and Ryuichi
together I said "SURE!" of course X3 not like I have anything better to do right now XD.

I am so proud of this Picture!!! *huggles it* Ryuichi actually didn't turn chibi on me
this time! VO_OW and I love how I did his pose and Neko's! I hope I got her hair and
colors right V^-^W;;; and I had to have Kumagoro in the picture too! wouldn't be complete
without the cute stuffed Bunny X3.

The outfits are random and Ryuichi told me he didn't want a shirt on!
*everyone stares thinking I'm crazy* He did! and I got his pants Idea from my
best friends pants though hers are black and I made his a dark navy like blue.
Neko's outfit is ummm lol it popped into my brain XD still not sure if she has
a skirt or shorts with a see through thingy over top VO_oW you can decide for me?
and I love her socks!!! I had to add hearts V~_^W.

Well Hope you like it ichigobunny!!!

*Stares at the big long ramble I did and knows no one will read it* V^-^W;;;;

The Ryuichi picture on the wall that I made look like a poster *grins* is from the
nittle grasper website. And not sure if anyone will notice something funny in the
picture so I put a link if you did and or didn't enjoy!.

Link Just something silly I added in cuz I was bored V~_^W.

Time taken... VO_oW er... a night to scribble a pose (yes scribbled!) the next night
going over lines and changing pose, and Holy Crap! I'd say 10hrs coloring! VO_OW
the background was the evilist! V>_
Ryuichi belongs to Gravitation

Neko belongs to ~ichigobunny

Both Drawn by Me! X3