+-Wolfram von Bielefeld+-

Finished: 2006
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I finished! finally XD this is a b-day piccy (be-lated one btw XP) to Elly

I tried making Wolfram look prettier V;_;W I tried... sure he looks a bit off. I'm not sure if I drew
the Beautiful Wolfram flowers right XD or colored them right either for that matter but I tried!
*nod nod* I onyl had a pic I had gotten from the kkm LJ comm a while ago and didn't want to search
dail-up is evil Vx.xW;

Ummm ummm this is a few days late *is bad* not sure if she'll get to see it anytime soon but I
hope so V^_^W So Happy Be-Lated B-day Dear Hope it was a blast!

Wolfram von Bielefeld (or) (Wolfram von Bielifelt) Belongs to KKM
Art by me of course lol