-+Flower for his prince+-

Finished: 2009
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
*flops* Waaah! this took forever! *Pokes the evil background of DOOM with a sharp pointy stick*

Also large file just to warn you =3


Had to get that out of my system :giggle: This idea came about because well... I was feeling romantic and also ~lovelovegirl *heart~
wanted a picture of Yuuri and Wolfram kissing and I kind of scraped many papers lol. So this is for you Hunni~ Hope you love it X3.

About the picture! Well more so hehe.

A small story Yuuri wanted to be romantic and decided to climb up to the balcony where Wolfram was with a flower for him which of
course surprised him =D. And then everyone scolded Yuuri later because he could have hurt himself.

lol not much of a story but its what I thought of while making it :giggle:

Drawn on paper scanned outlined and colored on adobe photoshop CS

Also used ~JustinByerline-Stock Brick stock [link] for the bricks... lol I'm just full of the obvious rofl

Yuuri and Wolfram don't belong to me *snaps fingers* Darn! Drawn by me hehe~ V^_^W