-+Butterfly Chasing+-

Finished: 2006
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
Whoa I had this kicking around since Oct.28th XD. I stopped working on it for some odd reason oh well!

So I finally decided to finished it V^_^W It’s Yuuri the one with the black hair from Kyou Kara Maou
and he is a boy his Mom dressed him up in girls clothing and Burien the blond is my
original Character well… fan character of the show but he is starting to grow on me X3.
And the Dog well puppy is Burien’s Dog Cody! I can’t draw puppies V;_;W. And the BG is
random I said screw making a decent bg lmfao.

This is how I picture them meeting each other.

They were both out in the park Yuuri’s Mother brought him out to play and Burien’s Grandpa
brought him to the park with Cody. Then something catches Burien’s eye and Cody’s who starts
off after the butterfly. Not far away Yuuri noticed the same Butterfly and started to chase
it also then…. They banged into one another by accident.

The rest is history X3 they became friends after that! … Well I can say it did anyway lol.

Little Yuuri belongs to Kyou Kara Maou
Little Burien and Cody belong to me! V~_^W