Finished: 2006
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Rainbow Brite!! I bet most of you are thinking and or wondering "Rainbow Brite?! What the pants?!!"
or something like that

You see I was cleaning out in the cabinets in my room and took out some old childrens books and
Rainbow Brite was one of them! I loved that show when I was little I don't remember it too much
anymore though *pouts* It was a awesome show! V^_^W Some might remember it?? *hopes*

I hope I drew her okay I tried to make her my own style X3 I do hope I drew Twink the little sprite
holding her hand and Starlite the horse flying over the rainbow! I know I drew things off but I
tried *nods* this pictures so much nicer in my head =/ but Iím in one of those moods where I think
it looks really bad. But ah well!

The good cartoons will never die! or something lol.

Well Hope you like! V^_^W

Rainbow Brite, Twink, and Starlite belong to there respected owners... which I can't think of
who they are but they don't belong to me! *nods*
Drawn by me of course V~_^W