Muraki and Tsuzuki -+Request+-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
V@_@W I finished...!! *flops* Ummm I don't think this would be 'mature content' Question mark over head (?) since Tsuzuki has his shirt off and Muraki is over him.... and nothing is going on VO.oW. & Got 1,221 page views on my and they asked if I do kiribians and if I would for my club I said Sure why not! X3 Otai wanted Tsuzuki and riziak wanted Muraki and they asked for (Muraki x Tsuzuki) I said Yes before I knew they wanted them together VO_OW but oh well got to Draw Muraki non-chibi lol I hope they turned out okay took me forever to draw there faces! Vx.xW;

I also couldn't stop giggling since I never drew Muraki before and I still say he looks funny XD. and the chibi's at the top right corner I added for fun X3 one is Me the other is Hisoka! And Sorry Tsuzuki! *huggles him*

Well Hope you like!

Time taken.... oh boy I really don't know took off and on to do the line work but it took me a morning and half a afternoon to color. All drawn on Adobe Photoshop CS with my Tablet

Tsuzuki & Muraki and Chibi Hisoka belong to Yami no Matsuei *can't think of the name of who made them* Drawn and colored by myself! and chibi me belongs to me X3