It's my B-day -+Party time+-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
This Will be quite big if you full view and please do it looks much better thx V^_^W.

It’s my b-day! *Dances* I am 20 *GASP* No I’m not old darn it XD. I feel no different =P. Well I went over board with my picture for my b-day lol XD.

And Happy b-day to anyone else who has the same b-day maybe? *tilts head* but happy b-day to ME and you

I drew Kyou Kara Maou Characters!! Okay the blonde one with Conrad is me but it’s my b-day and I can have him for a day right? V~_^W.

Oh boy I have lots to say for this pic lol. First I wanted it to be just Conrad and me but then I got the idea for Yuuri and Wolfram… also Wolfram in a dress X3 my brain told me too…! Or was it my best friend rinoalain LOL. Then I got the idea for Gwendal dancing with Greta but then I scratched that and made him dancing with Anissina. Then I kept getting idea’s XD then Gisela Dancing with Gunter cuz its cute X3. I needed someone for Greta (who has the same dress as Wolfram X3) to be with someone so I drew Beatrice next to her THEN I got Cheri in it and she needed someone to dance with and this is where Yozak came in! Though not sure if Cheri would dance with him VO.oW; I wanted to draw more but I had to say no more lol. And the dresses are um random? So are the clothes the guys are wearing XD. and I got the dress idea's somewhere online.

Well Hope you like!

Time taken... Holy pants a week Vx.xW;;
All Drawn and colored with my tablet on Photoshop CS

Kyou Kara Maou belongs to its respected owners.
I belong to myself V~_^W.