-+My Princess+- - Commission

Finished: 2007
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Lame title yes I know XD.

Also I didnít run away LOL I know I havenít uploaded anything forever I have been doodling just nothing seems to get further then that.

Any who!!
This is a commission for my friend Christina she wanted her and her bf Jeremy as Link and Zelda X3. I donít think I got the outfits totally right but I did my best *nod nod*. *also still dislikes drawing hands and feet* XP

And this took WAY longer then I intended and it needed be *says sorry a trillion billion times*

Not sure what to say but hope you like it Christina!!

Doodled on paper (believe me the doodles/scribbles were horrible XD) then scanned and gone over the outlines and colored with Adobe Photoshop CS with my tablet.

Link and Zelda outfits and etc belong to there respected owners I just used them XD.
Christina and her bf Jeremy belong to themselves