-+I'll Give You A BIG Hug+-

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS
Isn't he cute?! X3 I made him yesterday morning when I had no classes
then scanned him after I was done so I could color him and did this
for my Mom she had surgery Wednesday =/ *doesn't wanna get into details
and also didn't want to know in great detail* and I figured this would
make her smile ehe! come on he is a chibi Tiger what more can't you love?
X3 she is Much better today! V^_^W I just visited her again I hope she can
come back home sometime this week-end. Oh! my best friend Sarah when I
asked what to name him she said Cookie X3 so he is cookie! ehe!

so my Mom said the Nurses seen the picture and thought he was adorable! WOO! *does a victory dance*

But um anyway's lol I made him with a Hospital outfit on *can't think how to spell it*
and yeah! and it looks like he is saying "I'll give you a BIG Hug!" X3 *does a cute little voice*
well you can't hear it but picture it with a adorable voice? V~_^W.

Well hope you enjoy his cuteness X3.