-+Happy Fathers Day+-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I name him.... Random Karate Dude! XD. Seriously that is what I named him!

Well I drew this because I was getting so annoyed at a request I'm doing the characters
aren't looking right V;_;W. So I took a break and drew him no idea who he is besides
random karate dude lol. And it was for my Dad for Fathers day V^_^W not sure if he liked it though.... V-_-W;

The Background is random also... everything in this picture is random I suppose V~_^W. I hope I got
the feet right VO.OW; I know there is probably a million things wrong with this but I never drew
a Karate guy before let alone kicking like that and yeah... so Sorry for all the horriable mistakes.

Well Hope you like! V^-^W

Time Taken... A Night Go me go lmfao... don't ask I had ice cream not long ago X3.

All Drawn and Colored with my Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS.

Ummm random Karate dude belongs to me?