-+Batman+- //Sisters B-day\\

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
"Holy Flipping Monkey Pants Batman!!!" Yes this is an actual saying I say XD.

It's BATMAN! He is the best super hero EVER because he Rocks! and has no super powers! V^_^W.

I drew this for my Older Sisters Birthday July 4th (Independence Day) tomorrow at the moment XD
and She Loves Batman! and Wolverine Vo.oW I had to flip a penny on which one I'd draw lol.

Ummm not sure what to say besides It's Batman and he Rocks! and hope I drew everything right!

Well Hope you like! and hope my Older sister will too when I show her later

Time taken ummm took a night to draw and color XD.

All drawn and colored on the computer with my tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS.

Batman belongs to his respectful owners

Drawn and colored by me! V^_^W