-+Happy Bday AkitoMaru+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2006
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I finished! *flops*

Happy B-day AkitoMaru!!!

Iím a day early I do believe X3. This is a b-day present for her obviouslyÖ wow I state the obvious a lot lol.
I drew her a Leviathan! Or her own personal Dragon X3 which turned into a leviathan which is a girl and she
needs to name her *nod nod* the little merman or merboy? XD the Leviathan is protecting is AkitoMaruís Original

Prince Aquan who she asked me to put into it also she hasnít seen the picture yet mind you but I said what
Iíd be drawing for her because I wanted to make sure sheíd like it *rambles*

I hope I didnít go crazy with sparkles VO.oW; but I love sparkles! and I do hope I drew and colored Aquan
right. I was going to shrink him down since I figure the Leviathan would be much bigger then him but it
looked silly so I decided not to. And she still could be growing and getting bigger?? *Tries to make stuff up*

Well Hope you like and happy b-day again AkitoMaru!!!

Time taken... Gah who knows hourís days? XD.

Prince Aquan belongs to AkitoMaru
Drawn by me course XD and the Leviathan will belong to her too? lol I made her for her b-day.