-+Fox in the Snow+-

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Few! this took me a long time to do!
I had drawn a fox for someone on gaia and they asked
for me to draw them a Fox and so I did X3 they wanted
it as a Siggy (course I made it but I won't put it up X3)
but I wanted to keep it the size I drew it and give it
a background V^_^W Yup!.

I hope the Fox looks like a Fox first time drawing one V^-^W;
and Yes Snow! it snowed last week-end here and it's still
lingering around Vx.xW *kicks it* go away snow it's too
early yet Darn it! lol. and so that is now I got the snow idea X3

I drew this all out on the computer with my Tablet I was
going to draw it with paper but I wanted to try and draw
a animal with my tablet never did yet.