-+Demon Nox in the Moonlight+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Ummm no idea for the title... lol random as usual XD.

I name him.... Nox! Because... ummm he needed a name V^_^W

Wow doesn't this seem WAY out of the ordinary for me lol. I actually drew this bad boy...
creature thing XD a while ago I doodled him on paper sometime during the last few months
in College think between May-June I forget Vo.OW;

I actually was trying to design a Demon like Creature thing for something I'm working on
and I got bored enough to draw him X3. He is Dragon like? I guess well how I draw the
faces of the ones I draw V^_^W and I love his teeth! I for some reason love seeing so
many teeth lmfao.

You probably noticed right away I colored him different not my usual cell shading I was
going too but I decided to experiment V~_^W. I think he turned out awesome! Roar! lol.
I cheated on the Moon btw XD it was a brush I downloaded somewhere I forget where now
though *has too many brushes*.

Time taken... ummm drew him and colored most of his body in a night and the rest of
the picture an afternoon.