-+Roa - WindRider+-

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
Holy monkey this took a few days!

I drew my Character Roa because she needed some lovin X3. I drew her older because.... I can? lol and an excuse
to draw her in a pretty dress V^_^W. Also the cute little Baby Oriental Dragon isn't he cute! *huggles him* he turned
red because he screamed red? lol well it's hard to explain just sometimes after you draw something you know what color
they will be yeah! XD and a random green dragon flying by!.

*Ramble, ramble*

Well hope you like!

Time taken umm a few nights and a day... lmfao sounds funny.

Doodled on paper (yes doodled XD) then scanned and went over with my tablet and colored on Adobe Photoshop CS.

Roa WindRider is my Original Character and belongs to me! windrider01