-+Demon Inside+-

Finished: 2004
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
Alright I had this Idea in my head forever! I had this in mind when I first made him up just never came to paper... or tablet in this case lol.

Itís Craven! And yes he is a half-Demon X3 some people might have umm known? VO.oW or not? *Doesnít remember mentioning it anywhere*
Iím sure people might be saying.

"Iíve been waiting for you to draw him like that!!"
"What the Pants?! Heís a Half-Demon?!! O_O"
"He can get Sexier?!!!"

*Giggles* all right so I donít know and made those up XD but Hope you like the picture nonetheless! And OH! Btw Craven is Older in the Picture
too notice clothes change *rambles*

Time Taken... Holy Crap just a night VO_OW All Drawn and colored with my Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS

Craven Belongs to me Mine X3 *huggles him*