-+Sexy Jonathan+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
I finished! I did this for my Cousin a while back she was having a bad day I finished it YAY! so I told her Id draw her something nice and she likes my Evil Character Jonathan XD.

Plus Jonathan is getting mad since everyone loves his little Brother Craven (technically half-brother Craven will correct me if I dont state it V^_^W; ) blah blah story short he
is getting jealous XD. And Ive been wanting to put him in a evil like Im so sexy pose V~_^W. and I want his Pillows! *steals them* and the only thing I dot like is the walls
and floors had to say yeah V^-^W;

So its Jonathan! And Oh! btw he is half Gargoyle that is why his skin is Gray sure people will wonder lol. Wonder if anyone will read this V^-^W; Well hope you like!

Time taken... um... A few days I drew it out and never worked on it for a bit.

Jonathan is my evil Bishie! >=)