-+Learning to fly can hurt+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS Tablet
*Gasp* It’s Ben!!! Or Sir Benjamin of Wings X3. Roa’s Father! I haven’t drawn him for a few years I neglected him V;_;W
(well scribbles don’t count) Sorry Ben! *huggles him* and I was drawing him then I said WAIT! I can draw Roa little with him!

She either didn’t fly so well or she landed and hurt herself *pats her head* notice the band-aid on her knee X3 and
I gave Ben four wings because… he told me? lol and I can! And they are on a cloud btw yes they can walk on clouds….
My brain said so V~_^W. I haven't drawn wings for a while so they might look funny V^-^W;

Well hope you enjoy!.

Time taken umm... Hmm I did the line work this afternoon then colored it after supper not sure how long lol. A night I suppose

Ben and Roa are my original Characters and belong to me! V^_^W windrider01