-Using Magic- -+Alex+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I'm not dead! XD My hard drive was V-_-W; long story short my Dad got me another one YAY!
*Dances* and we used a program which worked on saving my files from the bad hard drive! V^_^W.

This is my Original Character Alex Don't call her by her full name or she'll roast you on
the spot Vx.xW; owie... I drew her a long time ago XD she needed some love and this pose
just screamed Alex to me V~_^W she loves lightning... me on the other hand I hate it and
I'm scared of it V>_>W; but everyone is afraid of something right? V^-^W ; She is one of
Jonathanís lackeys? well except she kicks ass and gets things done XD.

She Loves the color purple can we tell? XD still not sure why her eyes are bright blue Vo.OW;
It's how they have been since I first drew and colored her so it stuck V^_^W.

The background as always is completely random XD. Hope it looks alright.

Well Hope you like!.

Time taken... um... VO.oW;; I forget maybe 2 nights?

All drawn and colored on my Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS.

Alex is my original Character V~_^W.