-+Under Water Friends+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Lame title I know V^-^W;;;; but it works? XD.

I Drew this the first night of my computers hard drive dying V;_;W but I got my files back
so happy now *dances*

Can we tell I love the color blue? <3 and btw her hair style and color came from a dream
with a mermaid *GASP* but she had legs and was with some guy running away from people
*ramble ramble*....

Back on topic XD I got the idea from my older sisters room I went in there a few times
while she was gone to check mail and etc. and she has little Mermaid Ariel everywhere
on posters etc XD. I sat there bored and thought "what can I draw....
*looks around my older sisters room* hmm.... *sees Ariel on the right wall next to me
looks behind me a poster of the little mermaid movie* so the mermaid was inspired by them! XD.
I added a baby Leviathan! Like my one I did with my Elf and his pet picture maybe it's his
baby? V~_^W. Fishes are random XD well except the Clown fish inspired by Nemo of course! V^_^W.

I know there is some mistakes in the body. The end of her tail didn't quite go as I wanted
but good enough V^_^W; Notice as one eye is covered XD the other one just wouldn't freakin
go Vx.xW; *rambles again*

Well Hope you like! <3

And another random note! I might get a print account soon! V^_^W.

Time taken umm... hmm... night to doodle yes doodle XD might have been an hour.
Hour and a half going over with my tablet on Adobe coloring um... 2 nights?