-+Light and Dark+-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Holy I havenít drawn Adrian (left) and Damon (right) for a long time! *huggles them*
sorry about that V^-^W;; . My Cousin and I are Rping with my Charaís some of hers and
some other Characters we didnít get overly far yet just coming up with the plot gave
me ideaís!

Long story short XD. Adrian and Damon are twins. And thatís why they are half and half
and of course Adrian (left) is the Light and Damon (right) is the Dark (or Darkness).
And Iím just caught up in the middle of it lol. Btw Damon is blind just incase you might
ask about his eye V^-^W;; And I know the nose and mouth looks weird V^-^W;; *tried*

Time taken.. Gah... who knows VO.oW;;;

Adrian, Damon, and myself belong to me
No touchy please n thank you V^-^W