-+Chibi Leo and Neko Leon+-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Chibi's!!! -3 I couldn't help myself X3.

Like the way I start most of my pictures I was bored XD. I started to draw a Chibi,
which turned, into one of my original Characters the Triplets Leo! And he turned adorable!
*Squee* then I drew Leon as a Cat because I can! V~_^W.

He is a cat because they have a curse, which turns them into kitties’ Lionish looking
kitties XD. They can control it a bit better now but they still all of a sudden become
a cat or are a cat and suddenly become human poor things! *huggles them* I didn't
feel like adding there sister Zelda XD cuz... um... I wanted the boys so two out
of the triplets good enough lol.

Well hope you like the cutenss!

Time taken... ummm I don’t remember I doodled it a while ago just finally
got around to coloring it.

Leo and Leon belong to me no taking please n thx!