-+This won't hurt.... Much+-

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Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
I actually drew this in Aug! I forgotten all about it till I was bored and was looking
at some non-finished psd files I had. And this one caught my eye! X3.

Just incase some of you donít already know Jonathan a half-gargoyle
(why his skin is gray = P) is Cravenís older half-brother.

I have no idea what Jonathan did do Craven VO_OW;;

Iím not sure what I was thinking when I drew this either lol. Either Jon drugged...?
Used a spell? Or said something really mean to bring back old memories he doesnít want
to remember to make Craven blank out like that Iím not sure... Jon is evil anyway V>_>W;
and donít worry Jon wonít kill Craven just stab a little and cut him... etc...
I donít want to get into his head... VO_oW; scary... lol.

Well hope you like!

Time taken.. er.. Iím not sure V^-^W; It took two nights to color and fix up the outlines.

Jonathan and Craven belong to me! V~_^W