-+Prince of Darkness+- Damon

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Or should it be King? lol XD oh well!.

I have an art block and I decided to finish up this pic I had scribbled a month
or so ago. I think it helped? *Tilts head* Well this is my original Character Damon
who is blind. He has 6 wings! Well 5 and a metal wing don't remember why he has
a metal wing I just wanted too I suppose lol. The background is random and lame
but art block XD.

Well nothing else to say but Hope you like!.

Time taken... V-_-W;;; er.... a few days off and on.
All drawn and colored with my Tablet on Photoshop CS.

Damon Belongs to me X3