-+Jonathan - Fire+-

-Print Available-

Finished: 2005
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Um.... random title lol.

Also random Pic of my original character Jonathan who is Half-Gargoyle notice his gray skin.
I made him more Gargoyleish he can have his claws or wings out whenever he wants he choose
to have them out this time I guess? lol. The Bg is lame... well there isn't exactly one V^-^W;

But this was out of the blue I was sitting at my computer wondering "what can I draw..."
suddenly I got an idea to draw Jonathan of all of my chara's!
(I have many and some I neglected V;_;W *huggles them*)

And he has no shirt!! *waits for my cousin to see it and say "OMFG!!!! *drool*"*
or something like that and you can almost see his butt! *GASP* though you can image
nothing on him or he has Low pants.

Well hope you like Jonathan!

Time taken... er a day V^-^W;

My Evil Jonathan belongs to me!