-+Fight+- Jonathan and Craven

-Print Available-

Finished: 2007
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
*Flops* Few!! This took me forever to color!

These are my two OC's they're Half-Brothers.

Jonathan (the one with the gray skin who is half-Gargoyle) and Craven (the one with the brown hair).

I LOVE how Jonathan's Grin came out it just fit him so perfectly! it semi freaked me out when I drew it on paper lol. I felt like making Craven a bit older then I usually draw him and he has a scar over his Left eye not sure if you can see it very well or not. The pose I do believe I gotten the idea from a picture somewhere... I honestly do not remember it was a while ago XP.

I still dislike drawing hands and swords are a B@*&! But I think I pulled it off? And the BG is half-decent I suppose... lol I had something else in mind but it didn't work out so Trees! V^_^W.

And Also my Best Friend =rinoalain said It was Hers and I HAD to finish it LMFAO XD she’s so silly. She said something else but I forget now lol. Also my Cousin ~Scribble-Queen will prolly be *Drool* for Jonathan she wuvs his smexy evilness

Well hope you like!

Jonathan and Craven belong to me no stealing thx!