Dragon Knight

Finished: 2008
Used: Photoshop CS & Tablet
Holy this took me way longer then it should have!

Btw it's a larger image size then I normally do just to warn you V^_^W.

I got distracted easily and worked on it off and on. Still hate those bgs XD

This is my Dragon Knight :heart: and Catherine :sing: I adore Catherines design she was
actually going to have a blue outfit but green seemed to fit her better V^_^W and the
Dragon Knight... the armor! *eye twitch* ugh took forever... but I liked desiging it
V^-^W and the swords are lame but they work? lol

Um not sure what else to say but hope you like!!

Time Taken.... um... lost count stopped working on it for a week XD I say 10hours?

Catherine and the Dragon Knight belong to me